Corporate Team Building:
Why Escape Games Work

Worlds Away Escape offers a great option for team building! Escape rooms are perfect for corporate outings and enhance synergy in the workplace. When employees in a high-pressure environment rely on each other to succeed, the result is an effective and more cohesive team. Communication and teamwork happen naturally within the group. Our rooms are specifically designed for group experiences in order to find solutions. Our escape room games are no better way to get co-workers collaborating and interacting outside of the workplace!

How Do Corporate and Private Events Work?

Groups will be assigned to each escape room. Every room has a different storyline which the group will be briefed upon entering. You’ll then have 60 minutes to discover the solution to the game as a team. Everyone must work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and unlock codes in order to progress through the room and ultimately win. Our games are challenging as well as mentally stimulating but do not require any physical exertion.

Corporate Private Events

How big of a group can we accommodate?

Capacity will vary slightly if rooms are under construction. Each room currently holds up to 6-8 people. At full capacity we can currently accommodate 38 people. Please keep in mind that the aspect of team building is lost when you try to put too many people in rooms designed for 6-8 players because communication tends to break down. 

Cost for corporate groups

 Cost during our regular operating hours is $29 per person same as regular price tickets. When you book for 8 people on our website the full room cost is $210. Currently all of our rooms are private sessions at no extra cost to you. This means you can book for the number of people on your team (2-8 players) and our booking system will automatically block off the remaining sessions. If you are booking outside or our normal hours and we are opening just for you the cost will be per room. 
If you have other questions or if you need to cancel or reschedule your corporate booking please email us at