Holiday Hours

It’s the holiday season, and that means awkward family time! WAE has you covered, offering limited holiday hours to get the crew out of the house. Please remember we are family oriented, so please do not consume alcohol prior to your session.

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

November 23 (Thanksgiving) – Sessions start at 4pm

December 24 (Christmas Eve) – Last session of the day is 2:15pm

December 25 (Christmas) – Sessions start at 6pm

December 31 (New Years Eve) – Last Session of the day is 4:15pm

January 1 (New Years Day) – Sessions start at 4pm

Winter Theme Coming Soon!

Halloween is over, but Carnival of Shadows will be carrying on! So enjoy the spooky theme through the season! Also, El Mirador will see its last day on November 25, 2017 so we can prepare for the new room!

Antarctic with Penguins
Antarctic Winter Theme Coming Soon!

With the holidays approaching, we will be releasing our new winter theme room! Taking place in the frozen desert of Antarctica, our theme will feature many new escape challenges/puzzles and new elements to interact with! More details and announcements will be coming soon, booking will begin approximately 1-2 weeks before December, 2017.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Worlds Away Escape!

Jack O'Lantern

Our “spooky” week will continue through so Carnival of Shadows will be open to all. Don’t forget that this Saturday is our fundraiser for the Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC).

If you can’t make it, feel free to donate by visiting:

Since it is Halloween and trick-or-treating is observed at different times, please be aware of children and use caution while driving. If you are partying don’t forget to drink responsibly!

Again, Happy Halloween!



This weekend look out for Oktoberfest on the downtown mall! We will be open during those hours so stop on by and check us out. Book your fun this weekend!

Oktoberfest revelry
Oktoberfest fun in front of the Old Court House!

Carnival of Shadows and El Mirador are available all weekend, but filling up fast!

Carnival of Shadows opens TODAY!!!

Our annual Halloween-themed room has arrived. This year, “The Carnival of Shadows” is here, filled with haunts, scares, and as always, an exciting escape challenge! Visit our booking page to reserve your session!

1940s Circus Caravan
Based off of the caravans from the 1940s

Loud, creepy circus music, dark flickering lights, and jump scares await as you and your team are trapped in a staging room from a carnival of the past! Your fate is at stake based off of the decisions made within the room. Choose wisely!

Stay tuned to social media such as Facebook, where we will be unveiling another surprise!

Fall 2017

Fall is here! Like the changing of leaves we are also changing out rooms! The Peacock Pagoda is now gone and replaced with the Carnival of Shadows, opening this Friday, October 6.

El Mirador is still in full swing! For enthusiasts of escape rooms that are not looking for a scare this room is a great option! The night jungle atmosphere is ideal for everyone and will continue for the next couple of months.

El Mirador, Guatamala
The ruins of El Mirador, Guatamala

Stay tuned with Facebook and other social media because we plan to release other exciting news such as contests and promotions!

New Room: Carnival of Shadows

The time for Halloween is here and with it our annual Halloween-themed escape room! We are pleased to announce The Carnival of Shadows! Sessions begin on Friday, October 6, 2017 and reservations are now available through the booking page.

The Carnival of Shadows is a spine-tingling experience! Check out the the storyline for background information and reserve your session before slots fill up!

Like us on social media to stay up to date with news and information along with various teasers and fun! Happy Halloween!

Halloween-themed room coming soon!

Labor Day is over and we are preparing for our annual Halloween-themed escape room! The name and synopsis will be revealed soon so stay up to date with social media.

Peacock Pagoda will be leaving when October arrives, so if you have not already go ahead and book a session! Now is a great chance to dive in before it is too late!

El Mirador will continue until our next room change so there is still plenty of time to uncover the coordinates to the holy site!

We hope to see you soon! Happy Halloween!

Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is here! It is cool and rainy out there so stay dry and come book a session for one of our rooms!

Like us on Facebook and find our promo code this weekend to get a discount!

Also, this October “Peacock Pagoda” will be replaced by this year’s ‘haunted’ theme. A promotional poster will be revealed this weekend! So if you haven’t completed Peacock Pagoda, now is your chance!