If you have additional questions after checking below please email us at worldsawayec@gmail.com or reach out via webform for best and quickest response. We get many spam calls and phone is the least effective means of contacting us.

What is Worlds Away Escape?

Worlds Away Escape is an interactive escape room adventure where teams of players work together to complete puzzles and discover clues. Your team must find a way to solve the mystery and escape the room before time runs out!

What is Worlds Away Escape?

Teams have sixty (60) minutes to complete all the challenges in the room.

Can I drop off my kids and leave?

No. ALL children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the room.

Can I book for just two people?

Yes but we recommend at least 3 people for a better experience. 3 people recommended but NOT required.

We have recently changed the minimum players to 4 for the Old Town Murder room due to the difficulty. We want the best experience for you. If you would like to book the room for less than 4 players you can contact us via webform/email to request a booking

What is the cost?

Pricing is tiered based on the number of players

2 players $37 per player

3-4 players – $32 per player

5-7 players – $30 per player

8+ players – $27 per player

What forms of payment do you suggest?

We accept all major credit or debit cards. A payment deposit is needed for at least 2 people. If you don’t know how many people you will have or are paying separately book for 2 and the rest of the group can pay on arrival.

Do you offer corporate rates?

Yes! Check out our corporate groups/team building tab! 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel with more than 24 hour notice we will give you a promo code to reschedule worth the value you have paid.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice we WILL NOT refund your deposit or allow a reschedule.

Do you have gift certificates available?

We sure do! Visit the Gift Certificate page to purchase digital certificates. Your confirmation email will have a link that will allow you to customize the look for printing. If you purchased a physical gift certificate in-store or were given one please reach out to us about setting up the booking.

Are the rooms appropriate for children?

Children 5 and under are ONLY allowed if they are in a carrier or stroller the entire time.

6 and over are allowed, however, they do need a paying ticket. We do recommend ages 10 and up due to the complexity of the puzzles.

Some of our rooms might contain content that is not appropriate for children, such as dark rooms, flashing lights, spooky audio, or potential choking hazards for little ones.

Will we be playing with other people?

No. All of our sessions are private. Our booking system will automatically block off the remaining tickets. If you book for fewer than the maximum number of people for your room but want to add more players to your team, just bring them with you and pay the difference at check in. (Must still be within the maximum player count for the room)

Can I book for just me and my kids?

Sure, just remember that we do not offer special kids prices and some of the rooms might be spooky or challenging for younger children. Also, children under 6 are only allowed if they are in a carrier or stroller for the full session.

Can my child and I have a birthday party here?

Of course! Check out our birthday party page for package details! 

Can I have more than the maximum number or players per room?

Due to size, safety, and wanting to keep the fire marshal happy, we cannot have more than the listed maximum number of people per room. If you have more players you will have to split up into two rooms.

Are there physical requirements?

A strong mind is the key to our games. Other physical requirements include minor bending, crouching, etc. Objects in the room do not require more than two fingers of strength

Are the games scary?

Depends on the theme of the room. Our rooms contain elements such as dim lighting, loud musicsound effects and more, as to follow the theme of the particular room. An exception is our Halloween-themed rooms, which usually are noted to contain frightful elements.

What are your hours?

Monday: 4pm- 6:30-pm (we take our last group at 6:30pm)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 4pm- 6:30pm (we take our last session at 6:30pm)

Friday: 12pm- 8:30pm (we take our last group at 8:30pm)

Saturday: 12pm- 8:30pm (We take our last group at 8:30pm)

Sunday: 12pm- 6:30pm (we take our last group at 6:30pm)

Please note if we do not have bookings we make close early, it is best to book in advance.

Yes, you can schedule outside of these hours by emailing us at worldsawayec@gmail.com

Thank you! 🙂