*Special Message*

     *As the CDC guidelines change, our sessions will remain private at no extra cost to you. Our booking system will automatically block off the remaining tickets. You can have a maximum of 8 players per room.  We still have a limit of one team per lobby. As always, our rooms will continue to be sanitized between groups.

     *Our staff has been fully vaccinated at this time. Please wear a mask if you feel comfortable doing so. Please reschedule your reservation if you are feeling ill. If you call and we do not answer, you must leave a voicemail so we can return your call or email us at worldsawayec@gmail.com. Our policy on cancellations also remains the same. If you prepaid and need to cancel we can issue you a gift certificate or reschedule your session.

*Please note that we do not have a designated space if you are waiting for your team to finish up. You will not be able to wait in our lobbies due to limited space. *

What is Worlds Away Escape?

Worlds Away Escape is an interactive escape room adventure where teams of players work together to complete puzzles and discover clues. Your team must find a way to solve the mystery and escape the room before time runs out! 

How long is the game?

Teams have sixty (60) minutes to complete all the challenges in the room. 

Can I drop off my kids and leave? 

No. Our policy has changed. ALL children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the room. Even if the accompanying adult is not participating, we are happy to let you in the room without charging you but you MUST be in the room with your child at all times. 

Can I Book for Just Two People? 

Yes but we recommend at least 3 people for a better experience. 3 people recommended but NOT required. 

How much is the cost?

Currently the cost is $25/ticket, or $170 if you book all 8 tickets in the room. Starting October 1st, 2021, the price will increase to $27 per person or $190 for a full team of 8. This price includes tax. 

What Payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit or debit cards. You can pay in cash by selecting the “pay later” option on the booking page. 

Do you offer a corporate rate?

Currently all of our sessions are private at no extra cost to our customers so the cost for all players is $25 per person. (This price will increase to $27 per person starting October 1st). You only have to pay for the number of players who show up at check in. You can have a max of 8 people per room and due to safety concerns, we will not be able to make exceptions to this. Please keep in mind that communication breaks down the more people you have in the room and we want all players to have a chance to participate. If you are booking all three rooms, we are happy to provide an additional discount. Email us at worldsawayec@gmail.com or use the contact form on this website. 

*Please arrive 15 minutes early and have your teams already divided up if you are doing more than one room.

Do you offer a military discount?

We offer a 10% off military discount.  Simply select the option to “pay on arrival” on the payment page and we will apply the discount at check in:) Bring your ID with you please. You can also use code Military. We will check your military ID at check in. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We do not offer refunds but we are happy to mail you a gift certificate or reschedule your reservation as many times as necessary:) 

Do you have gift certificates available?

We sure do! Visit the Gift Certificate page to purchase digital certificates. Your confirmation email will have a link that will allow you to customize the look for printing. If you purchased a physical gift certificate in-store or were given one, please choose “Pay on Arrival” when you book and bring it with you to your session.

Are the rooms appropriate for children?

Yes, however, we recommend ages 13 and up due to the complexity of the puzzles. Some of our rooms might contain content that is not appropriate for children, such as dark rooms, flashing lights, spooky audio, or potential choking hazards for little ones. 

Will we be playing with other people?

No. All of our sessions are private. Our booking system will automatically block off the remaining tickets. If you book for fewer than 8 people but want to add more players to your team, just bring them with you and pay the difference at check in. (Max of 8 players per room)

Can I Book for Just Me and My Kids?

Sure, just remember that we do not offer special kids prices and some of the rooms might be spooky or challenging for very young children. *we will not charge you for infants*

Can My Child Have Their Birthday Party Here?

Of course! We do not have separate party space for partying but you are welcome to store gifts in one of the lobbies while you play the game. ?

Can I have more than 8 players per room?

Due to size, safety, and wanting to keep the fire marshal happy, we cannot have more than 8 people per room. If you have more than 8 players you will have to split up into two rooms. Price stays the same ($25 per person). 

Can I bring anything into the room?

Purses are okay. Cell phones are locked in a box while you play the game. Coat racks are available in the lobbies. 

Are there physical requirements?

A strong mind is the key to our games. Other physical requirements include minor bending, crouching, etc. Objects in the room do not require more than two fingers of strength. 

Are the games scary?

Depends on the theme of the room. Our rooms contain elements such as dim lighting, loud musicsound effects and more, as to follow the theme of the particular room. An exception is our Halloween-themed rooms, which usually are noted to contain frightful elements.

What Are Your Hours? 

Monday: 4pm- 6:30-pm (we take our last group at 6:30pm)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 4pm- 6:30pm (we take our last session at 6:30pm)

Friday: 12pm- 8:30pm (we take our last group at 8:30pm)

Saturday: 12pm- 8:30pm (We take our last group at 8:30pm)

Sunday: 12pm- 6:30pm (we take our last group at 6:30pm)

Yes, you can schedule outside of these hours by emailing us at worldsawayec@gmail.com. If we are opening just for you, we ask that you have a team of at least 4 people.

Thank you! 🙂