Check out our Escape Room Adventures below. All of our games are custom, made from scratch experiences along with the special effects used to produce them! This means your experiences here will not be found anywhere else.

These games are replaced with new experiences throughout the year so we hope to see you soon!


Level X

(Recommended 4-6 players, 8 max capacity)

Communication Log: 707-H2

To: Command Central

From: RTA Leader “Tricky”

We successfully completed our mission in Dr. Jackson’s lab here at Facility 39 in the Antarctic. The Bionetic-Interfaced Aerosolized Macroremover was engaged, cleared the air of the contagion, and all personal were safe. Only minutes after, however, the nuclear alarm started going off and there is widespread panic across the entire 10-acre complex. I had a private conversation with Dr. Hartwell, and now the rest of the team is being briefed on the situation while I complete this communication. It seems there was a saboteur amongst the scientists who set us up as “Patsys” for their unauthorized actions in Level 10, which is nowhere on our schematics or any official government documents. We unwillingly caused a cascade failure across all security systems. I am bypassing the chain-of-command for now and authorizing a mission down to Level 10. If you do not hear back within the hour, please follow Protocol Jupiter and scrub the entire site, per Dr. Hartwell’s request.


Things to Remember and to share with your group:

THIS ROOM IS SPOOKY. It is not, however, a Haunted House or other “haunted attraction.” There are no live actors, and it is still an Escape Room Challenge with an immersive storyline. Be warned, however, that the atmosphere is intentionally more intense, such as strobe lights and horror elements.

THIS ROOM IS DARK. The game was designed for players to have to think about how to use the elements of the room to complete the puzzles and challenges. There are no flashlights, and before your session begins you will be required to place your Cell Phones in a lock box (which you will keep with you in the room, the key will stay safe).

YOU WILL BE LOCKED IN THIS ROOM. There is an emergency button, but pushing it for any reason other than a true emergency will immediately end the game and no refund will be available.

Level 10 Header


Plum Forest Tale

(2-5 players, 6 max capacity)

Prince Theodore Addington returned from war on death’s door. Fraught with grief, the Princess Clara Addington came across an old hag who agreed to turn Theodore into a beautiful Peacock and thus save his life. In return, she demanded the Amulet of Mari be delivered to her within one week. As trusted members of the court Clara has dispatched you to the home of Levana RedStar, a rumored sorceress living deep within Plum Forest. As you approach the tiny cottage it seems strange and your pulse quickens. This might not be as easy as you thought…



Port Ranter Mutiny 

(2-7 players, 8 max capacity)

You are the crew of Captain Tricky, notorious for stealing other pirate’s bounty. This time you have your sights set on Captain Hawk and the extremely valuable treasure he is rumored to have locked away in his quarters aboard his ship. Tricky posed as a crewman and boarded the ship, inciting a mutiny and has yet to return. Your crew can see that the ship is being readied to leave port as soon as the storm passes, and decide to sneak aboard. The lookout estimates you have an hour before the ruthless Hawk returns and seals your fate…