Facility 39 – 

Your specialized rescue team has been hired by Whittington Advanced Experiments to deal with a lockdown at their clandestine research facility in the Antarctic. Your number one priority is to recover samples of a rare plant recently rediscovered by a group of archaeologists in the El Mirador basin in Guatemala. The stakes are high; you signed an agreement stating that if you failed, W.A.E. could come after you and your families for financial loss. But you aren’t worried, it will be a piece of cake. You discover after entering the facility that you have made a grave mistake. Now it is a race against the clock to recover the samples and save the scientists trapped inside before disaster strikes.


Carnival of Mysteries 

NOTE: Carnival of Shadows has been updated since the Halloween season is over. The game remains the same without the horror based elements.

Originally, Italian equestrian Giuseppe Chiarini wanted to create a spectacle totally different than anything that existed. The Carnevale dei Misteri was born. It was in a large, temporary circus building on the outskirts of Heptonstall, England that tragedy struck. Legend says a mafia leader cashed in on a deal, forcing Chiarini to flee Europe. Over fifty years later a group of urban explorers seek the truth. They found the long forgotten structure at the end of a trail, crumbling and being consumed by the forest. While searching the main ring, a sign catches their eyes. “Staging”. The small room is a filled with an array of props and tools for stage acts of all kinds. Suddenly, the wind kicks up and the door slams shut. Will they be able to find a way to escape the Carnival of Mysteries?