Check out our Escape Room Adventures below. All of our games are custom, made from scratch experiences along with the special effects used to produce them! This means your experiences here will not be found anywhere else.

These games are replaced with new experiences throughout the year so we hope to see you soon!

Raid of the Night Tide

You are now a part of a pirate crew. Your captain has taken it upon himself to distract the captain of your rival ship the Night Tide. He has left you with a crucial mission. You must get into the Captain’s Quarters on the Night Tide, find the hidden treasure, and escape again before their captain catches on and returns. If you are caught you will be sent to Davy Jones’ locker so be quick! 

NOTE: This room is beginner friendly. Some of the challenges are difficult, but if you have never done an escape room this would be the perfect place to start!

(Recommended 2-5 players, 8 max capacity)

Difficulty level: 2.7 out of 5 : Beginner to challenging 


You and your friends are now the suspects in a murder. Mr. Charles Whittington, an eccentric writer has been found murdered in his home in Old Town Winchester. In the weeks leading up to his death he sensed that someone close to him might try to hurt him. He gathered as much information as possible but it was too late. His wife Stella Whittington knows who the killer is but in order to get revenge she has invited the 8 murder suspects to her home under false pretenses. Once in the home you realize that you and your friends are now trapped in the Whittington home. In order to escape you must solve puzzles to uncover clues and find out who amongst you is the real killer. Pay close attention because if you choose the wrong suspect, you will ALL be framed for murder.

Please understand that this room is our MOST DIFFICULT. We designed this room to be a challenge for those with experience; even having done just one other escape room makes a difference in success for the player. If no one in your party has done an escape room, we encourage you to try one of our other adventures first. We also strongly recommend no less than four members in your party.

There are two things that make this room challenging. The first is the puzzles themselves, which involve several skills such as lateral thinking, logic, pattern recognition, and basic math. The second is that this is a murder mystery theme which means the story is very important. You must be able to solve very challenging puzzles while also keeping track of the storyline. 

(Recommended 4-8 players, 8 max capacity)

Difficulty 4.6 out of 5 – Very Challenging : MOST DIFFICULT

We have recently changed the minimum players to 4 for this room due to the difficulty. We want the best experience for you. If you would like to book the room for less than 4 players you can contact us via webform/email to request a booking

*Low lighting* and *Sound effects *

The Nightshadow’s Shroud

You are a member of the Nightshadow coven and it is the middle of a witch hunt. You, your coven, and coven leader are desperately trying to avoid persecution. The coven leader has asked you to enter her cabin, find the ingredients to make a shrouding spell to mask your coven, and return to her as soon as possible before the hostile townsfolk find you and burn you at the stake.

(Recommended: 4-6 players; 8 max capacity)

Difficulty level: 3.7 out of 5 – Intermediate

*VERY LOW LIGHTING* *Spooky sounds* 

Detention Hall

Your teacher has locked you in the room for detention! You know there is a spare key hidden in the room somewhere. You only have one hour to find the key so you can get to your locker with your phone and call your parents before the teacher does or you’ll be in HUGE trouble.

(Recommended: 4-8 players; 12 max capacity)

Difficulty level: 3.9 out of 5 – Intermediate


Your friend, David “Jay” Harris, an investigative reporter nicknamed for the jay tattoo on his arm, has been missing for a week. You have reviewed the evidence you could find of the missing persons case he was working and tracked him to a cabin in the middle of the woods. The owner has just left and you need to find Jay and escape before he comes back in an hour.   


This is a horror themed room. This may not be appropriate for children under 13. There is blood, body parts, and dead animals. Please be aware of that if booking with kids.

(Recommended: 4-6 players; 8 max capacity)

Difficulty level: 3.5 out of 5 – Intermediate

*LOW LIGHTING* *Spooky theme* *Jump scares*

The Christmas Caper

One of the elves has stolen the naughty and nice list. Santa needs your help to find the list and discover the thief. You only have one hour or Christmas will be ruined for everyone! Can you save Christmas?  


(Recommended: 3-4 players; 6 max capacity)

Difficulty level: 2.7 out of 5 – Beginner to challenging