Check out our Escape Room Adventures below. All of our games are custom, made from scratch experiences along with the special effects used to produce them! This means your experiences here will not be found anywhere else.

These games are replaced with new experiences throughout the year so we hope to see you soon!

Leoka’s Curse

(Difficulty – 3 out of 5, Recommended 4-6 players, 8 max capacity)

Having returned to Princess Clara with the Amulet of Mari, only a few weeks rest are yours before being requested to once again brave Plum Forest. There lives in the dark a man who the citizens refer to as the Mad Wizard of Plum Forest. Leoka Darkad was exiled a generation ago, but the Prince believes he holds the formula to creating a candle that can repel trolls while it is burning.

What the Prince does not know is that the Mad Wizard was recently cursed by the Fairy Queen. He is now trapped in a magic mirror in his cabin until someone comes along who is cunning enough to rescue you him. The Prince may have very well sent you to do an impossible task but returning without the Mad Wizard is not an option. Will you be able to help him escape the magic mirror and return to the king with the formula, or will Plum Forest close in on you forever.

NOTE: This room is beginner friendly. Some of the challenges are difficult, but if you have never done an escape room this would be the perfect place to start!

Redstar Sanatorium

(Difficulty 3.5 out of 5, Recommended 4-6 players, 8 max capacity)

*This room is dark, contains a flashing light, and has loud/startling sfx*

The organization Ghost Hunters of Shenandoah Travels (G.H.O.S.T.) is a successful paranormal investigative team. They recently acquired special permission to investigate the RedStar Sanatorium, a long-forgotten building deep in the woods near the Allegheny mountains. The facility was shut down after the tragedy that took place on the night of October 31, 1910. Three people, including the chief medical physician, were found dead with no discernable cause. Legend has it that two days prior a mysterious young girl was admitted who had been transferred from another hospital due to circumstances surrounding inexplicable deaths

Six months ago, the researchers of G.H.O.S.T. had found a newspaper article regarding the Halloween tragedy that included a picture of a young girl and her doll. A couple days ago one of the members was in an old thrift store and found a doll that looked almost identical to the one in the article. A request to investigate for three nights was approved. They are sending their junior team to do the first night preliminary set up and establish equipment baselines. Just as the sun has set, and the rain has begun to fall, the team begins their work in one of the children’s exam rooms. What was that noise? Did you see that shadow? Do I hear…laughing? With only an hour left, can the team solve a mystery and prove themselves to be expert investigators?


THIS ROOM IS SPOOKY. It is not, however, a Haunted House or other “haunted attraction.” There are no live actors, and it is still an Escape Room Challenge with an immersive story line. Be warned, however, that the atmosphere is intentionally more intense. 

THIS ROOM IS DARK. The game was designed for players to have to think about how to use the elements of the room to complete the puzzles and challenges. There are no flashlights, and before your session begins you will be required to place your Cell Phones in a lock box (which you will keep with you in the room, the key will stay safe). 

YOU WILL BE LOCKED IN THIS ROOM. There is an emergency button, but pushing it for any reason other than a true emergency will immediately end the game and no refund will be available.

Clocktower Heist

(Recommended 4-6 players, 8 max capacity)

While working in Paris in 1884, genius inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla finished plans on a machine that would allow a person to travel to any point and time within 100 years. The only limitation is that they would “bounce back” to the machine in exactly 60 minutes. When the plans were stolen he was distraught and left for the United States, unsure if he could ever replicate what had taken him years to complete.  

Those plans were stolen by a young woman, fueled by revenge and an obsession with time. Though she did not have the technical knowledge to understand the Geographical Organic Atom Transceiver, she had the mechanical skills needed to execute the plans. Once built in a special room within a giant clocktower, she began using it to quickly move around the city with her custom weapons to punish evildoers as the vigilante Clockwork Specter.

You have been hired by her nemesis, Lord Badgeye, to break into her hideout and find the plans to the GOAT. You only know two things about Clockwork Specter: she is incredibly crafty, and her hideout is likely rigged to detain enemies. The other crew caused an explosion across the city to draw her attention, but time will be short before she gets back and quickly eliminates you.


Please understand that this room is our MOST DIFFICULT. We designed this room to be a challenge for those with experience; even having done just one other escape room makes a difference in success for the player. If no one in your party has done an escape room, we encourage you to try one of our other adventures first. We also strongly recommend no less than four members in your party.

There are two things that make this room challenging. The first is the puzzles themselves, which involve several skills such as lateral thinking, logic, pattern recognition, and basic math. The second is that the room is atmospheric and challenges you to work together. This is a heist, and as such the lighting is low and the light that is available will have to be shared via teamwork and cooperation.