Check out our Escape Room Adventures below. All of our games are custom, made from scratch experiences along with the special effects used to produce them! This means your experiences here will not be found anywhere else.

These games are replaced with new experiences throughout the year so we hope to see you soon!


Port Ranter Mutiny 

(2-7 players, 8 is max capacity)

You are the crew of Captain Tricky, notorious for stealing other pirate’s bounty. This time you have your sights set on Captain Hawk and the extremely valuable treasure he is rumored to have locked away in his quarters aboard his ship. Tricky posed as a crewman and boarded the ship, inciting a mutiny and has yet to return. Your crew can see that the ship is being readied to leave port as soon as the storm passes, and decide to sneak aboard. The lookout estimates you have an hour before the ruthless Hawk returns and seals your fate…



Facility 39 

(2-7 players, 8 is max capacity)

Your specialized rescue team has been hired by Whittington Advanced Experiments to deal with a lockdown at their clandestine research facility in the Antarctic. Your number one priority is to recover samples of a rare plant recently rediscovered by a group of archaeologists in the El Mirador basin in Guatemala. Now it is a race against the clock to recover the samples and save the scientists trapped inside before disaster strikes…



Carnival of Mysteries

(2-5 players, 6 is max capacity)

Originally, Italian equestrian Giuseppe Chiarini wanted to create a spectacle totally different than anything that existed. The Carnevale dei Misteri was born. It was in a large, temporary circus building on the outskirts of Heptonstall, England that tragedy struck. Legend says a mafia leader cashed in on a deal, forcing Chiarini to flee Europe. Over fifty years later a group of urban explorers seek the truth. They found the long forgotten structure at the end of a trail, crumbling and being consumed by the forest. While searching the main ring, a sign catches their eyes. “Staging”. The small room is a filled with an array of props and tools for stage acts of all kinds. Suddenly, the wind kicks up and the door slams shut. Will they be able to find a way to escape the Carnival of Mysteries?